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Save time & effort by cutting out the paperwork and going straight to the job at hand with our ready-made and ready-to-use development and operational process bundle

DevOps Process Bundle Includes:

  • Agile Software Development Life Cycle Process Manual
  • Standard (Waterfall) Software Development Process Manual
  • ITQMS ITIL-Agile-SDLC-DevOps Process Map
  • DevOps Principles and Practices - Quick Guide
  • ITIL Release and Deployment Management Process Template
  • ITIL Change Management Process Template
  • ITIL Change Evaluation Process Template
  • ITIL Configuration Management Process Template
  • ITIL Knowledge Management Process Template
  • ITQMS ITIL Service Lifecycle and Process Map

Our content experts have developed a comprehensive Agile software development process manual aligned with the concepts of the Agile Manifesto. Agile software development is the process of frequently and continuously delivering working software through collaborative practices and doing just-enough and just-in-time work in order to respond to change and succeed in a fast-paced and turbulent business environment.

 For those projects that are not suitable for Agile, we have also developed a standard (waterfall) software development life cycle (SDLC) process manual. This is a more sequential process that includes a series of steps (phases) to determine the business requirements and design, build, and deliver a working software solution to satisfy customer needs.

 Our software development life cycle processes complement the ITIL best practices, which consider the operational aspects of IT Services.  We have included in the DevOps bundle the key ITIL processes:

 Release and Deployment management helps plan, schedule, and control the movement of releases from build and test to staging and production environments with minimum impact on existing services.

Change Management aims to manage the process of change (control the change lifecycle) in order to successfully implement changes in the first attempt, with minimal disruption of and impact on IT services.

Change Evaluation provides a consistent and standardized means of assessing the performance (actual against predicted performance), risks, and business outcomes of a new or changed service and to provide accurate information to assist change management in making a quick decision regarding whether or not to proceed with the change.

Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) maintains up-to-date information on all IT services and IT infrastructure components in the form of Configuration Items (CIs) in order to provide accurate and reliable information to support the business and IT services management processes.

Knowledge Management (KM) is to ensure that accurate, reliable, relevant, and secure information is available to the right people at the right place at the right time, so that well-informed decisions can be made while reducing the need to rediscover knowledge.

All our process manuals/templates are easy to customize and contain twelve sections essential for any process documentation.

  1. Document History
  2. Purpose and Scope
  3. Business Value
  4. Definitions and Abbreviations
  5. Triggers
  6. Process Input & Output
  7. Roles and Responsibilities
  8. Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  9. Critical Success Factors
  10. Risks
  11. Procedure Flow Chart
  12. Procedure Description

DevOps Bundle also includes an easy-to-understand ITIL, Agile-SDLC, and DevOps process map and the DevOps principles and practices quick guide.