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The itQMS ITIL Implementation Kits provide you with all the necessary tools to implement ITIL. However, when implementing ITIL, a specific issue or question may arise at any time, and you may require additional advice and support to resolve it.

Our ITIL Expert Answers Service ensures that ITIL Implementers get the most from our ITIL Implementation Kits by enabling you to ask specific ITIL process, assessment, or implementation questions and receive an e-mail with answers from a knowledgeable ITIL expert

Our ITIL Experts

All of our ITIL experts are ITIL expert-certified, have more than 10 years of experience implementing ITIL, and are currently full-time ITIL consultants, project managers, or service managers.

Who Should Use the Service?

Our ITIL Expert Answers Service is aimed at ITIL project managers, ITIL process owners, ITIL consultants, service managers, or anyone else who is implementing or planning to implement ITIL and needs extra support to clarify an immediate ITIL process or implementation question or solve a particular ITIL implementation problem.

How Does the Online ITIL Expert Support Work?

It's very simple. Begin by purchasing the Expert Answers Service based on your support needs. Then submit a support request from our Help Center. Be sure to use the same e-mail address you used to purchase ITIL Expert Support.

We may ask you to provide additional information so that we can focus our answers to best address your needs. We will e-mail you an expert answer from a knowledgeable ITIL expert.

NOTE: ITIL Expert Support is delivered under our privacy and confidentiality policies.

Expert Support Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Once we receive your question, we will email you an expert’s answer within 72 hours. We try to answer most questions within the SLA.

The service must be utilized within 3 months of purchase.


Single question – $49

Ten questions – $449 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Sample Questions and Answers

Example Question 1: Which ITIL process do I implement first?

Example Answer 1:

There are two options.

If you have already identified the key ‘pain areas’ in your IT organization, you can start with option 1. But if you have not already identified the key pain areas and want to quickly improve your IT organization’s credibility, you can start with option 2.

Option 1:

Identify one or two key pain areas in your IT department and implement ITIL best-practice processes to fix the issues. This will immediately improve the image of your IT organization.

Option 2:

To quickly improve the image of your IT department, you could start with customer-facing processes, such as incident and change management. By successfully implementing incident and change management you can gain immediate credibility throughout your organization.

Many organizations start with incident, change, release and service catalogue processes, as these are the key customer or user-facing processes.


Example Question 2: We want to implement the Change Advisory Board (CAB) and would like to know who should be included as CAB members?

Example Answer 2:

The Change Advisory Board (CAB) is a group set up to evaluate and authorize Request for Change (RFC) based on the business’ needs, priorities, costs/benefits and potential impact on existing IT Assets (resources and capabilities). The CAB may also make implementation recommendations based on the evaluation.

The CAB should consist of those people who have a clear understanding of business needs, technology trends, regulatory requirements and the organizational culture; they should be able to quickly assess, prioritize and authorize a request for change. The CAB composition may change depending on the change being considered

The change manager will normally chair the CAB. The CAB members consist of people from various stakeholder groups, such as customers, business owners, users, developers, testers, project managers, vendors, operational staff, technical specialists and risk management team members.


Example Question 3: What should a standard CAB agenda look like?

Example Answer 3: 

A standard CAB agenda will assist the CAB members in formally reviewing any authorized changes in terms of impact, urgency, benefits and risk.

A standard CAB agenda should include the following:

  • The status of previously deployed changes (success/failure)
  • A list of the "Requests for Change" to be assessed
  • Status of testing (verification and validation)
  • Status of release planning activities, such as training, documentation readiness and rollback procedures
  • Assessment of impact, urgency and priority
  • Assessment of risks and business benefits
  • Schedule of changes to minimize risk
  • Review of all unauthorized and emergency changes
  • Suggestions for improvement of the change management process

Example Question 4: How many people will I need to implement ITIL?

Example Answer 4:

You will need one full-time person who is familiar with basic ITIL concepts to manage the ITIL implementation project. You will also need to identify people within your organization to take responsibility for the various ITIL process areas.

Depending on the size and complexity of your organization, as well as the scope of the ITIL implementation, you may need to increase the size of the implementation team, especially if you plan on implementing more than one process at a time.

Example Question 5: Do I need to conduct an ITIL gap assessment?

Example Answer 5:

An ITIL assessment is a useful tool to identify the extent to which your organization has adopted ITIL best practices and provides a baseline for further improvement. 

Assessments are usually conducted by an ITIL professional using checklists and interview techniques. The results of the assessment are analyzed, and findings and improvement recommendations are then presented to the management. 

The improvement recommendations are prioritized based on the organization’s objectives, the key pain areas and the internal resources and capabilities.

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