Strategy Management for IT Services & Demand Management Process Template

Ready-made and ready-to-use process documents. Cut out the paperwork and go straight to the job at hand.

  • Based on ITIL Best Practices
  • Concise, Simple, and Practical
  • Tools and Template Guidance
  • Consistent and Complete

Service Strategy & Demand Management Process:
Our content experts have designed and developed the service strategy & demand management process templates using the worlds most widely accepted IT best practices approach.

Service Strategy Process:

  • The purpose of strategy management for IT services is to ensure that an IT service strategy is defined, maintained, and managed to achieve an organizations business outcomes.
  • The scope of strategy management for IT services includes all activities that are required to define and maintain an organizations perspective, position, plans, and patterns with regard to its services.
Demand Management Process:
  • The purpose of demand management is to understand the demand placed on services by the identification and analysis of Patterns of Business Activity (PBAs) and User Profiles (UPs) and to ensure that adequate resources are available to meet the demands of the service (utility and warranty) at the right cost and time.
  • The scope of demand management includes identifying patterns of business activity that initiate demand for services and the associated UPs. The scope also includes identifying and implementing measures to influence demand together with capacity management.
Based on ITIL Best Practices:
The service strategy & demand management  procedure is carefully crafted and contains clear step-by-step process activities based on ITIL best practices. .

Concise, Simple, and Practical:
Our content experts have worked hard to develop a concise, simple, and practical IT process template. Each IT process template is documented in a simple four-to-six-page double-columned document that is guaranteed to keep people reading and won’t collect dust on a shelf.

Tools and Template Guidance:
You don’t have to spend time researching the Internet or calling vendors. The tools and template requirements are described in the IT Process Templates. These contain all the information you will need to create specific templates.

Consistent and Complete:
If you are keen to implement IT best practices and improve your IT processes but do not have the skills, time, or funding to hire consultants, our content experts have designed and developed a complete set of do-it-yourself IT Process Templates using the IT best practices guidance.

Each IT process template follows the same skeletal structure and has the same number of sections. Each IT process template covers twelve sections essential for processing documentation and completing successful IT process implementation:

1. Document History
2. Purpose and Scope
3. Business Value
4. Reference Documents
5. Definitions and Abbreviations
6. Process Input & Output
7. Roles and Responsibilities
8. Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
9. Critical Success Factors
10. Risks
11. Procedure Flow Chart
12. Procedure Description.
Note: The process template also includes guidance and tips for successfully defining and deploying the process.


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