Supplier Management Process Template, Document and Guide


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Save time & effort by cutting out the paperwork and going straight to the job at hand with our ITIL encapsulated supplier management process template

Our content experts have designed and developed the ITIL supplier management process template using ITIL, the worlds most widely accepted IT service management approach. The ITIL supplier management process template is easy to customize and contains twelve sections essential for any process documentation.
  1. Document History
  2. Purpose and Scope
  3. Business Value
  4. Reference Documents
  5. Definitions and Abbreviations
  6. Process Input & Output
  7. Roles and Responsibilities
  8. Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  9. Critical Success Factors
  10. Risks
  11. Procedure Flow Chart
  12. Procedure Description
NOTE: The ITIL process template also includes guidance and tips for successfully defining and deploying the supplier management process. Purpose & Scope
  • The purpose of supplier management is to obtain value for money from suppliers and to ensure that the services they provide meet the needs of the business.
  • The scope of supplier management processes includes the evaluation and selection, performance management, dispute management, and termination of contract.
Business Value
  • Align IT services to business needs through supplier contracts.
  • Deliver seamless end-to-end service to the business.
  • Support Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets agreed upon with the business.
  • Better value for money from suppliers.
  • Higher quality of IT services.
  • Reduced overall IT operational cost.

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