Service Support Value Stream Document Template (pdf)


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The service support value stream aims to effectively and efficiently handle the end-to-end fulfillment of all customer queries and service requests in a timely manner, and includes all service support value stream activities, including establishing and maintaining communication channels, fulfilling the demand for general queries, service requests, access requests, customer complaints, and compliments.

Value stream includes contributions (most valuable activities) from multiple IT processes, including activities, skills and competencies, information and automation, tools needed and the required supplier and partner relationships. 

The service support value stream includes the most valuable activities from processes such as service request management, access management, change enablement, infrastructure and platform management, etc. 

Each value stream document encapsulates the four dimensions organizations and people, value streams and processes, information and technology and partner and suppliers.

The value stream document is easy to customize and contains all the sections essential for any value stream documentation.

  1. Document History
  2. Purpose and Scope
  3. Business Value
  4. Reference Documents
  5. Definitions and Abbreviations
  6. Triggers
  7. Input & Output
  8. Roles and Responsibilities
  9. Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  10. Critical Success Factors
  11. Risks
  12. Automation / Tool Capabilities (New)
  13. Key Information Objects (New)
  14. Interfaces (New)
  15. Suppliers and Partners (New)
  16. Value Stream Flow Chart
  17. Value Stream Description


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